«A perfect place to retire in!»: The best friends transformed a dilapidated structure into a luxurious mansion

Seven women turned an unfinished building into a luxurious mansion to retire in! 🫢😍The best friends made their dream come true and left the world speechless! 👏

Here are the seven women who decided to make their cherished dream come true and spend the last years of their lives together. Initially, it was just a creative idea to gather together and make a place where they would retire in.

This idea came into their mind after the women saw an unfinished building near Guangzhou, the third largest city in China. They raised 4 million yuan and invested it in renovation. Now, they not only have a house, but also luxurious mansions.

They chose to live together in their own luxurious and comfortable house, rather than in a nursing room. One may say that they fulfilled the dream of millions in the world. Once they turn 60, they will move from their homes and start to live here.

They obtained the furniture from Morocco and India. The mansion is surrounded by a large quiet field. There, one can find seven bedrooms and a comfortable living-rom. To say that it is nothing but a dream to live here is nothing to say.

There is also a swimming pool and many other things that create comfortable and, at the same time, luxurious atmosphere inside. The seven friends share responsibilities and hardly ever get involved in quarrels.

Though they live together and completely trust each other, they consider themselves independent and self-sufficient people. Very often, they make barbecue, drink tea and enjoy their time together.

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