«Rare footage from Coco Chanel’s 1920s’ mansion!»: This is what iconic Coco Chanel’s mansion looks like now

One urban explorer was left «on edge» when he found Coco Chanel’s derelict mansion located in Scotland left from the previous century! 😱🤯💔

There is no one who doesn’t know the name of this world-renowned and celebrated French fashion trendsetter who lived back in the 20th century. Little is known about her personal life, but here is rare footage from researcher Matt Neidin.

Recently, he did research around the mansion of the legendary fashionista. For those who don’t know, it is located in Scotland and consists of 22 rooms. The iconic woman often had many guests and spent her time here every summer.

She enjoyed the quietness of the nature and felt the most alive in her mansion. Living here helped her gain energy and have a rest from urban life.

The house was in auction for 4 million dollars, Initially, the people who purchased the mansion planned to build a hotel. However, the world-renowned fashion trendsetter’s mansion still remains derelict and neglected.

During the research Matt found a great number of expensive things left back from then. It was Neidin’s kind of a dream since he wanted to personally see all those ancient things. There are dolls, plates, vases and many pieces of furniture.

However, what was left from the previous century was in a miserable condition. The mansion had been abandoned since she passed away.

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