«No chance to return former appearance»: the living doll looked quite attractive before plastic surgery

Stephanie Malik plans to keep changing how she looks. 😱👀

Many girls strive for perfection and resort to plastic surgery. Stephanie Malik, a 20-year-old girl who decided her looks didn’t fit beauty standards and spent a significant amount of money to finally create the look of her dreams.

She was already recognized as a «living doll» because of the unique transformation. When she was 13, Stephanie had her first operation with the help of her mother and aunt.

She already had fans who also really liked the girl’s changes. Realizing that the environment likes it, she decided to continue changing her appearance.

Now the girl wants to remove several ribs, do a buttock lift, change the color of her eyes and insert implants in her cheekbones.

But the epidemic became the reason that she had to wait forcibly. As a result, she injected her lips herself, which nearly killed her. She did not even imagine that this procedure could be so dangerous.

Did you like her appearamce?

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