«Innovative Teacher Transforms Learning in Ghana»: From Chalkboard Computer Programs to Real-Life Opportunities

The teacher helped the students learn using the computer in the most unusual way 😳🥹

A teacher named Richard Okat was a computer teacher in Ghana and his photos became well known on the Internet.

He was working in a small school in a village and there weren’t any computers for the students. And in order to somehow teach them computer skills he considered a brilliant idea.

He just draws computer programs on the blackboard before each lesson and it seemed as a Microsoft Word.

He considered the idea in order to give the student’s opportunity to learn about computers and understand their importance.

They had a computer science exam and he wanted to prepare them for it, despite the school didn’t have any computers.

The school even asked to participate in the exam on a national level, although the lack of computers.

When their photos became popular on the Internet kind hearted people and organisations donated computers and software to the school.

Now these children can practice their knowledge in computers.

Richard’s smart idea and donors support have given these children new opportunities and improved their lives a lot.

The photos turned people’s attention to the students and their hardships, but also changed their lives and made them better.

It all became possible thanks to Richard’s smart strategy.

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