Acts of Kindness Shine Through the Chaos: Homeless Animals Find Refuge During Cold Snap

Several individuals offered their help and wanted to save the stray animals 🤗🥹

Recently Istanbul appeared in chaos because of the heavy snowfall and very low temperatures. Many people were perished because of the temperatures. But happily there were kind people, who were ready to give the homeless animals safe places to stay in.

And such stories became well known.

And the photos are the perfect proof of the people’s kindness.

A man named Ali Elik was going to work through the snow-covered metropolis when he saw several homeless dogs, who found refuge outside a mall.

But they were also joined by three kindhearted people, who gave them food and warm blankets to sleep.

The man told, that the people were gathered there to help animals, not for showing their generosity.

And also there were many other people, who also offered their help. And even some well-known stores such as Penti have even invited homeless animals to stay inside to keep warm.

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