«Who said animals are emotionless?»: The elephant reunited with the man who saved his life 12 years ago

When the elephant returned to the jungles, he didn’t forget his savior! 😲😍 This is how he reacted to seeing the guy who had been taking care of him 12 years ago! 🫣🥹

12 years have already passed since the moment this bighearted guy cured the wild baby elephant who was suffering from a serious infection. Under the supervision of this man, a whole group of professionals was taking care of him.

When he returned to the jungles, no one hoped that he would recall them, but here is his reaction. When the man met him after so many years he had no idea that he would recognize him. Gradually, the animal approached and recalled his savior.

His reaction was priceless! He tried to touch and thank the man for everything he had done. Who can say that animals don’t have emotions? Probably no one!

It is worth mentioning that elephants are among the most intelligent and emotional animals on Earth. Even after so many years he recalled the man who saved his life and genuinely thanked him. The special bond between them is something beyond.

This is, perhaps, one of the most emotional and heartwarming videos that prove that animals are faithful creatures. And, of course, the world is not without kind people.

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