Police Officer’s Heartwarming Rescue: Newborn Puppies Saved from Freezing Fate, Find Loving Foster Home

The newborn puppies were bottle-fed in the police department  🐶🥲

The police officers of Indiana were doing their duties when they heard some noise coming from the garbage. A police officer named Scott Charleseood looked inside and saw a litter of seven frozen puppies, that were simply thrown in the garbage.

The offers had to climb into the trash can. He took off his jacket and tried to warm them up with it. Their mother wasn’t there and it was clear, that they were leftover to perish there.

The puppies are now living in a foster home while the rescue group tried to find a place for them.

The officers told, that the weather was awful even for people the newborn puppies wouldn’t have survived there. As there was no other way of finding them a home at night the officer wrapped them in his jacket to warm him up.

They even bottle-fed the newborns.

They were all together cuddled close to one another when he considered taking them to a foster home. They are taken care there.

The police officer received many good wishes and thanks from the police department and also the rescue center for saving the puppies.

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