Heartbreaking Farewell: Man Takes Terminally Ill Dog on Epic Journey, Shares Final Moments of Love and Adventure

The dog enjoyed her last trip and was happy being with her human father  🐶❤️👨‍🦰

A man named Robert Kugler had a sweet puppy named Bella, who was very ill. The ill dog spent her last minutes with her human father and was surrounded with love and attention. When Kugler learned about Bella’s illness he considered taking the dog on an adventure.

They went to a road journey across the United States, visited many states and adorable stops. And it was their way of saying goodbye to one another.

Bella suffered a lot and had a lot of pain and also she had lost one of her front legs and had to be put to sleep. She couldn’t breath and shook.

When Robert understood it was already time for his beloved dog to go to the cremation his heart broke into many pieces.

The man missed his beloved dog for the first time and sat next to him putting his hand on her chest to show her his endless love.

And their last picture became very important for the man. The dog enjoyed the last adventure of his life swimming in clean waters and running around happily.

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