Powerful Reunion: Heartwarming Video of Mother Chimpanzee Embracing Long-Awaited Return of Her Baby

Maternal love is the strongest! 🥲🥹

When the staff of Sedgwick County Zoo in Kansas, recorded a very touching video of a mother chimpanzee being reunited with her baby, the whole internet was excited.

When the little Mahale was born, he had a breathing problem, which must be cured by skilled vets and for it he had to be separated from his mother and stay under the strong care of the specialists for two days.

These two days seemed two years for the poor mother, who was impatiently waiting for his cub’s arrival. When she spotted him coming towards her, she hurried to hug him strongly.

The video went viral and it touched thousands of viewers from all over the world.

It is called maternal love!

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