Incredible Water Rescue: Boaters Save Distressed Raccoon with Life Jacket Throw

Boaters saved a raccoon with the help of a life preserver 🦝🥹

A group of boaters were out in Maryland enjoying their weekend when they heard the desperate cries of a poor raccoon. And one of the boaters had a brilliant idea to throw a life jacket down for the animal to climb on. And when the raccoon finally caught the life-saving jacket they took the animal back to the land.

One of the boaters wrote, that they considered it was like a bird cry, but then they considered it was a desperate yelp for rescue. And they were able to find the raccoon only a few hours later. They saw a raccoon treading water next to the boat. We didn’t want to take the animal out of the water they threw a life preserver to him and he got on it.

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