An incredible rescue operation. The adorable giraffe asked for people’s support 

Thanks to the rescuers efforts the rescued giraffe has a chance to be released to the wild 🥰🥹

A wildlife ranger named Bernard got a call one day and it turned out, that a one newborn giraffe wanted their help and he immediately went to help. He is responsible for saving the little animals lives within Meru National Park in Kenya.

This adorable story demonstrates how the rescue was done to give the giraffe the chance of survival. The giraffes have fragile spines and need to be transferred with their back upright at all times or they could be forever injured.

So Bernard need to make sure, that the giraffe was taken to the plane carefully and transferred within in a seated position. It’s an incredible rescue operation.

And it’s also amazing, that the giraffe didn’t even try to flee or make himself free from his protective jacket. It appeared, that he completely understood the need of transportation.

The mother was discovered without his mother and he had low chances of survival. So he was taken to Nairobi by plane, which gave him eight hours as he might not have undergone a drive.

After arriving at the Nairobi nursery he was very peaceful and relaxed to his rescuers and quickly got used to his new surroundings.

He is overjoyed in his new place and even managed to make new companions. He has two best friends, that are orphaned elephants, who were taken to the orphanage to be protected from hunters.

The giraffe was named Kiko and he has become a sociable and well-known animal in the orphanage. The rescuers still have no idea where his mother could be and he was saved from the place, that has been smitten by human/wildlife contact.

Thanks to the rescuers help Kiko has a chance to be released back to the wild.

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