Couple in San Diego Champions Bee Rescue, Educating the Importance of Bees and Safely Relocating Hives

Bees play an essential role in our nature 🐝🥹

Often people don’t understand the usage of bees to the ecosystem. They are pollinating plants and keeping small insects under control.

And even if people realize their importance many of them are a little bit cautious of them. Their sting can be painful and many people run a mile after seeing them.

But a couple in San Diego is responsible for safely removing them from properties and transferring them to a safe spot.

And the video captures, that the bees removal isn’t as hard as we imagined. If the couple finds and Queen Bee the others will follow, such as hives.

But the couple Jess and Julie don’t take their protective clothing for granted. They have been stung too many times and they also protect themselves when they go into remove a hive.

After all during the process they are getting thousands of bees angry and it’s unavoidable. And if they weren’t wearing protective clothing, they would be in real danger.

Jeff and Julie are very dedicated to their work. They are trying to save as many bees as possible and their removal process is getting very popular, as people are starting to realize the importance of bees.

And when they finish rescuing bees, they transfer them to their beekeeper friends. And they are safe and won’t return to the same place for sure.

And also Julia tells the importance of bees.

«It’s vital for people to realize, that bees aren’t the only other small pest. They plan an important role in our environment. They are responsible for a third of all the food that we eat. With the help of pollen they transfer, all the plants spread their genetics.»

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