«A big heart in a small body!»: Here is the reason why this 8-year-old boy let his hair grow for 2 years

The reason why this little boy grew long hair will leave all of you speechless 🧐🤔

Here is our hero – Thomas Moore who, despite his age, proved to the entire world that doing good will not take a lot. His simple act of kindness encourages millions of take actions and not to remain indifferent towards those who suffer.

His incredible story has even been broadcast on TV and the true reason why he let his hair grow was that he wanted to help whose who were ill and bald.

He found it unfair that some children like him didn’t have hair and he was eager to change the world with his only one kind act. His ultimate goal was growing hair for years to make wigs.

Those who had to undergo chemotherapy were given the wags that Thomas made. He wanted to change at least one life making a poor child feel complete and happy.

This story went viral and let no single one remain indifferent. His aunt proudly announced that her nephew donated his hair to children who had cancer.

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