«The unwanted child finds his forever home»: This is what the poor boy neglected by everyone looks like now

Everyone neglected this unique child until there came a family that changed his life 🥹🥲

Here is Nicky, a kind-hearted woman who has always dreamed of adopting a child from an orphanage and give him or her a second chance to live surrounded by parental love. She met a person who supported her and let her dream come true.

Once entering the orphanage they met Rustam, an adorable boy with a happy smile. Yet, he suffered malformations, couldn’t eat on his own and had a missing leg. However, this didn’t stop the family and they rushed to adopt him.

Being raised in his new family, the boy learns that the only thing that matters is the soul. He was taught how not to be ashamed and feel insecure. After working with a speech therapist on a regular basis, his ability to speak was improved too.

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