«Love wins!»: The relationship between this 70-year-old granny and her young boyfriend became the subject of discussions

Everyone is discussing the romantic relationship between this granny and the young man

This 70-year-old British woman made all her peers envy her after proudly showing her young boyfriend, a 30-year-old man, who is often mistaken for her grandson.

The elderly woman first married at the age of 19. The spouses lived happily and already nursed their grandchildren when the man, unfortunately, passed away leaving his wife in tears and sorrow.

However, happiness didn’t make her wait for long. Soon, Joan met Phil and they didn’t consider their big age difference a problem at all.

It should be mentioned that when they first met Phil was 29. The man admits that he is madly in love with this chosen one and adds «She knows that no one can take better care».

Although Joan clams that he often looks at youthful girls, this seems not to bother her. She is even ready to correct her aged appearance to «correspond» to her partner.


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