«A dream boy for all girls»: This is how the boy has changed over the years who charmed everyone with his angelic beauty

It is hard not to fall in love with this boy who grew up and became ten times more attractive

Here is a popular and successful model and film star born in London, who gained fame and overall recognition already at the age of 12 thanks to his unique appearance. He was one of those who experienced «waking up famous».

It goes without saying that no single one could remain indifferent towards him who attracted millions with his angelic beauty. His perfectly shaped features, long eyelashes and adorable cheeks made him famous all over the world.

Everything started when one Japanese girl shared his photo and commented on his appearance «This is the most beautiful boy in the world». Before long, the number of his followers drastically increased.

Owing to his unearthly beautiful and ideal appearance, he has achieved great success and incredible heights both in the film industry and modeling.

Currently, Franklin is working on the new collections for Armani and Saint Laurent.

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