This man does not spend time on the beach like others: he knows how to use his time effectively  

He is truly talented and uses that talent in an amazing way 🥹🤗

Andoni Bastarrika is a talented man, whose works are internet sensations. He knows how to use his time on the beach more interestingly and effectively.

He began his amazing work 10 years ago and found out his such an incredible talent by chance while was spending his time with his children on the beach.

He does it with great pleasure: no matter how much he works on it or how much he gets tired.

He makes these amazing sculptures with sand and despite the fact that these wonderful works can’t last long, he is satisfied with his job, especially with the results.

They seem real, so many people are even confused when they come across them.

Mostly the man enjoys when people stand next to them for hours and even for days. They can’t believe in their eyes, that these adorable sculptures are made with sand.

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