Parents did an interesting trick on their two children to test their patience

Completely different results

It is known that children should eat a small amount of chocolate, because it has a bad effect on their health. But in most cases, it is difficult for parents to keep their children away from chocolate.

Here we have an interesting test of how parents did a trick on their two children to test their tolerance for chocolate.

They secretly recorded the whole process and got two completely different results.

Their three-year-old daughter passed the test with flying colors and met her parents’ expectations. She waited patiently until the end, refusing to eat even one.

Now it’s their son’s turn.

The same cannot be said for their one-year-old son, as he found it boring and waited only a few seconds, then tasted it with a proud expression on his face.

He may be too young to take the test, but the result is funny.

What an amazing challenge!

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