Toothless went through many life struggles, but his will was much stronger  

Luckily, he was stronger than people expected 

Each creature has its right to feel safe and protected, so we must take care of them and help those who are in need.

Luckily, our world is full of such kind people, who are ready to support defenseless animals, and this case is the best proof of it.

Meet Toothless, a cute doggie, who had many difficulties in life because of the inhuman actions of his previous owners. He removed his teeth and abandoned.

Fortunately, the cutie now feels good and is getting medical treatment in his new home.

Now the poor animal has a virus that can affect the puppies, but his owners are doing everything they can to cure him. There’s no doubt that Toothless will recover very soon.

After saving him, the rescuers took him to a vet at once, where he got all the appropriate treatment. Many organizations and kind people donated much money for his treatment and thanks to them, now he is feeling great.

Now he has a loving family, where he gets much love and care. He is surrounded by caring people and has everything for being happy.

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