«Thumbelina in real life»: The incredible life story of this unique girl with primordial dwarfism disease touched everyone

Believe it or not, this little human who weighs 22 lbs is 17: This is how she lives now

Here is K. Jourdin-Bromley who, misfortunately, was born with an extremely rare disease. The absolutely unique girl is now 17 but she weighs, believe it or not, 22 lbs.

During the period of pregnancy, her mother noticed that over time her tummy didn’t grow and remained too small. She had nothing to do but to see a doctor to share her worries, yet didn’t actually expect that there was anything serious.

Though Kenadie was born just on time, her height was only 11 inches and she weighed less than she should have. According to the claims of the doctors, the baby wouldn’t live long.

However, luckily, everything is alright with the girl except her weight and height. She is on the same intellectual level as her peers and classmates.

Her serious disease helped her take her first step in cinema playing in the great movie «Eep».

After her first big success, she hopes to be invited to movies again. The fact that she looks different fails to prevent her from being equal to everyone.

She proved the entire world that those with such disorders and uniqueness can live a life to the fullest.

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