Two kittens, that were born from different mothers, but had the same white stripes

The kittens had the same appearance and were adopted by the same owner

A woman, who lives in Japan had previously adopted a kitty from the shelter. And just after some time the woman saw another kitty on the shelter’s website, that clearly resembled her Onni.

And the woman went to the shelter on her day off to adopt another kitty, that she named Nika. Firstly she took the kitty to the vet and after an examination took him home to introduce him to her first kitty.

The two kittens were absolutely identical. And to help the kittens get used to one another the woman considered keeping them in different rooms.

But Onnie immediately began to treat the baby sweetly. And after just a little time Onni and Nika became close friends and their friendship lasts till today.

Although the two kittens were born from different mothers, they had absolutely the same white stripes and Nika resembles Onni more and more when she gets older.

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