Camera captured a funny scene of a cute raccoon trying to catch the snowflakes  

It has been viewed thousands of times, and it’s clear why

It’s so pleasant to see how this adorable creature having fun in the snow in front of a house in Washington.

Luckily, the scene was captured on camera and you also have an opportunity to enjoy it.

Timothy Ellis was checking his cameras on the computer, when spotted a little creature doing something in the snow. He watched it once more and found out that it was a sweet raccoon, who was enjoying the snowflakes all alone at night.

The funny creature is standing on his two legs and is trying to catch the falling snowflakes.

The scene is really entertaining and it will make you feel happy.

There is no doubt that it would garner thousands of views on social media. Although it’s very short, you can guess that the cutie spent a lot of time there based on his footprints in the snow.

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