The doggie reacted to his owner’s return in a touching way: VIDEO  

A great example of loyalty!

We have seen many examples of dog-owner reunion and each time we get excited by their faithfulness.

This one is another touching reunion of a dog and his owner, whom he has not seen for a year.

Meet Oshie, a sweet and affectionate dog, who is devoted to his human mother and doesn’t imagine his life without her.

Although they are connected to each other strongly, they have to be separated from time to time, because the woman is a marine and has to leave her family for a while.

The loyal animal has to wait for her arrival patiently and when she returns from work, each time the cutie welcomes her in an exciting way.

This one is no exception.

After a long break, the owner finally returned and surprised her pet. What happened later melted everyone’s heart.

Watch the video below:

It’s so nice to see how the canine welcomed his beloved human.

They look perfect together!

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