Sweety couldn’t stop hugging the man who freed her from hell  

She was so grateful to him for his kindness!

When Michael Chour saw these poor creatures at a slaughterhouse, his heart was broken. The canines were scared and confused when he approached to them, because they thought the worst.

Once the Sound of Animals was informed about 17 defenseless canines, whose lives were in danger, so they hurried to the scene to save them. Sweety was among them.

At first, the frightened dogs were sent to a vet for a checkup and then were taken to the shelter. Sweety was more scared compared to others, and she immediately gained Michael’s attention.

The man showed a kind attitude to the cutie and she expressed her gratitude by hugging her rescuer strongly.

Michael wanted to make the canine change her behavior and trust him, and he managed to do it. Sweety didn’t want to get out of the man’s arms as she was feeling safe there.

Then Michael started to search for forever homes for the rescued dogs, while Sweety remained by his side because they were connected to each other strongly.

Although all the canines were nice and adorable, Sweety was more than others and adopting her was the best decision he had ever made.

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