The man gives up his own comfort by sleeping with orphaned bears to make them feel more comfortable  

He is a great animal lover! 

It’s so nice to see that still there are people who save and protect wild animals making their lives better and happier.

Our today’s hero, Jim Kowalczik, is such a big animal lover, who has devoted his life to wild animals’ protection.

He is a caretaker for four bears and looks after them perfectly. He even sleeps with them in order to make them feel calmer.

During his life he has saved a great number of bears and even founded The Orphaned Wildlife Center with his wife.

Although he has come across many bears since 1990, these four cuties remain his favorite ones. They were rescued 10 years ago and since then share a strong bond with Jim.

From these photos you can guess how closely they are related to each other. They spend all day together and mostly enjoy to have fun in the snow.

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