The men bought two sea turtles, but not with the intention of eating them: their lives did not end there  

Everyone wishes to live, no matter what species it is

The most important thing in the world is to stay kind to everyone you come across.

Each creature desires to live, no matter what it is, so we must help and protect those who are in need.

Our today’s heroes, Arron Culling and his friend proved to everyone that there is nothing difficult about being human.

They decided to buy two sea turtles but not to eat them. They had a better idea and what they did was really heroic.

They released the turtles into the sea again and the scene was captured on camera and attracted many viewers from all over the world.

A large number of animal lovers appreciated their heroic actions and wrote many exciting comments under the post.

It’s really nice to see that there are still kindhearted people in our world, who are eager to help defenseless creatures.

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