This adorable puppy has a wonderful way of getting people’s attention: it’s his sweet smile  

What a heartwarming smile!

Meet Burreaux, the sweetest dog ever, who makes everyone love him with his wide smile. He hopes that in this way people will pay much attention to him and will adopt him.

When a woman found him on the street, she hurried to take him home and provide him with the life he deserved. His stunning smile captured the woman’s heart at once and she couldn’t return home without him.

At first, she took the puppy to a vet for some examination. Everything seemed wonderful, but one day the doggy felt sick and he was taken to the hospital.

Although he was recovered and began to feel good, he was taken to a shelter. Despite passing through so many difficulties, the doggy never stopped smiling.

Now, this beauty is an internet celebrity for his adorable smile and continues to wait for a loving family.

Here’s a cute video of this funny puppy:

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