A very loyal dog, who didn’t lost hope of meeting his owners once again

The touching story of a devoted dog waiting for her owners

There are many cases when animals are leftover. This situation happened in Thailand and it became clear, that the owner left his dog near the river while they were rowing and the loyal dog still waits for them on the pier. The photos of the dog has become very popular on the Internet.

Local people told, that the animal waits there, sleeps outside in all weather and eats food from the trash. All the locals adored and fed her, but she still goes to the same place.

The poor puppy didn’t lost hope, that her owner will come to pick her. And a woman was following her and was very touched by her story.

She managed to attract the dog’s attention and named her Perce. We hope, that the intelligent and loyal dog will finally find loving and caring owners and home.

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