The newborn pig lost his own mother, but found his comfort in the arms of someone else

What she did for the little pig is priceless!

This story will melt your heart and you’ll see how affectionate animals can be.

Paulinchen is a baby pig, who was abandoned by his own mother and stayed defenceless. Here Katjinga stepped and decided to look after the baby as her own.

It’s love at first sight!

Although it can sound strange, the caring dog even nursed the pig. Who can remain indifferent about such cuties? They are so loving and completely devoted to each other.

Their owners Roland Adam and his wife Edit were moved by the scene of the sweet doggy taking care about her new baby.

The helpless pig whose chance of survival was low, now has everything he needs to be happy.

Katjinga is a wonderful mother and she does her best to make the pig’s life better.

This behaviour is common in dogs, as they are kind and devoted creatures and can save and protect those who are in need.

It’s so nice to see how they adore each other! Having such a caring mother is the most important thing the little creature needs.

Dogs remain the most loyal animals in the world and many people need to learn many things from them.

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