The shelter staff organized a party for the puppy to inspire people adopt him

The unlucky puppy was prepared for a party in order to be adopted

This story is about a homeless puppy named Luke, that lived almost seven months at a shelter. Unfortunately this sweetie was very unlucky and no one wanted to adopt him.

And a brilliant idea came into the volunteers mind. They considered to organise a party for him on Valentine’s Day in order to motivate people adopt him.

The staff considered, that decorating the area and preparing him for the party people would be motivated to adopt him. But sadly the idea was unsuccessful, as no one appeared at the party.

One of the shelter workers named Michelle told, that the puppy is very adorable and he adores playing and cuddling with his beloved soft toy. The sweet puppy still needs to be loved and cared and have a loving family.

The puppy is a true tiger boxer. They are very smart, loyal and have a perfect sense of smell.

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