A really touching story proving there is still true friendship in the world

True friendship is priceless and not for sale

This story is about a cat named Lyovka, who is very good at his duties. He was trained perfectly by his instructor. The kitty was born in Mongolia and he was the only survivor of the whole litter.

His mother left the house with him and made a home close to the base. There a man named Peter met the kitty and they immediately became friends. They were so close to one another, that the man considered to take the kitten with him to his hometown after his duty was finished.

They were almost inseparable and the whole city was amazed by his tricks. The old military man trained the kitty perfectly. Some people wanted to buy the kitty and offered a lot of money and a car to the man, but he refused to give his beloved pet.

The man told, that the kitty is already a family member and a close friend for him and he couldn’t part with him. This touching story proved once more, that friendship is not for sale and it is priceless.

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