A kind teacher, who dedicated her life to saving lost animals

She created an organisation with other volunteers to help lost animals

A woman named Larisa was a teacher at an elementary school, them she considered to left her job to help animals. She organised a group with other volunteers who hunt for lost dogs.

Thanks to them almost 750 dogs were returned to their families. They have many cases when pets disappeared for a very long time and when they were taken.

It’s a long process, but very worth doing. According to Larisa some cases take very long time to accomplish. They try to know all the necessary information when they receive a new case of dog’s disappearance.

They collaborate with police if the situation is hard. Volunteers wanted to solve all the cases they have, but only half of them are successful.

This kind woman is a true example of courage and kindness. We hope many people will take an example from her kind works.

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