A dog became a new employee of a bar and made it renowned

A sweet dog, who adores sleeping next to the bar

A girl named Kate McLennan is a manager of the bar and she works there with her beloved dog named Bobo. Kate told, that the animal adores his work and even wears a badge.

The girl asked the owner of the bar to bring her puppy to work with her and Bobo began working there. The bar owner made the right decision by allowing the dog come to his bar, as it made the bar popular.

People adore Bobo and he often serves tales and sleeps at the bar. His owner even brought some toys for him and he includes visitors in the game with them.

The dog became very popular among kids. Bobo can sleep in the middle of the bar even on the busiest Friday nights. A little girl asks her father to take her to the bar to see the sweet puppy.

Even Bobo has an account on the Internet with a lot of followers, where his owners shares a lot of photos and videos.

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