The woman discovered that her dogie was the best source of energy and motivation for her

It’s what the owner needs most of all!

It is not a secret that love can help to cope up with lots of hardships in life and this touching story is a real proof of this fact.

Honey the doggy was her owners best friend and thanks to their close bond her owner named Afsaneh could fight her illness- bladder cancer. During the hard times when her owner underwent chemotherapy treatment, the cutie pie was always by her side supporting Afsaneh with the endless love towards her.

The owner tells that in spite of being very weak and tired out, she went on a walk with her doggy every day, because the cutie cheered her up with her care and love. The woman tells that the doggy seemed to understand the situation and was very tolerant towards her, though sometimes she could move very slowly and get tired after a few minutes’ walk.

After the walk, the woman started to feel better and enjoyed having rest with Honey the puppy, who accompanied her even during the leisure hours, not living her alone even for a moment so that her beloved mistress could feel safe and secure.

After finding out about het disease, Afsaneh thought that she would be unable to take care of her puppy, because she also needed care and attention, but she could not imagine that her cutie pie would be her best companion and supporter during those difficult times.

She found out that Honey the doggy was the best source of energy and motivation for her, who made her become stronger and believe in her forces. She was the one, who made her mistress feel stronger and fight against her illness with the love, care and support she sent towards her.

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