The intuition of this doggie helped to cure the boy from his illness

He is not just a pet, but a real saviour!

Some sceptics will argue that this happened by chance but David’s parents state that their son was rescued due to their dog’s intuition.

This young boy has a Facebook account where his parents have been posting some episodes of his life since almost the first days of his life. When it was diagnosed that he had a cancer he was only 2 years old.

According to his parents’ words, their dog felt when he got illed.

David successfully prevailed over the cancer. After some period their dogie Chai started to behave like the previous time. David’s mom tried to persuade herself that it just seemed to her, but unfortunately it was the cancer again.

Doctors found medical care that helped to kill cancer cells. This helped David to overcome his illness again.

Luckily he is healthy now with people and animals he loves and especially with Chai.

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