The doggie was intended to look after only her own babies, but something else awaited her

While others refuse to keep their own babies, this dog acted heroically

Kilo is a loving mother, who has devoted her whole life to her puppies. Although the cutie had 12 puppies, she was offered to adopt six other pups, and surprisingly, she accepted it with happiness.

Everything started when a litter of helpless puppies were brought to the shelter. The poor babies needed maternal care, so the staff began to search for a foster mother for them.

Kilo was the best option, but they were concerned about her reaction, however they decided to try.

To their big surprise, the mother welcomed them with happiness as they were her own babies.

Killo had a difficult life because she had to wander on the streets and begged passers-by for food and help until she was taken to the shelter, and then a loving couple adopted her.

Killo turned to be so loving and devoted. She is an excellent mother for not only her own babies, but also for orphaned puppies.

Both the owners and the staff were surprised by the dog’s reaction, because they thought that she would not accept them immediately. But Killo behaved as a real heroine and gave the defenceless puppies maternal love and care.

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