A sweet dog, who turned out to be taller and bigger from other dogs of the same breed

Amazing story of a gigantic dog, who adored his owner

The girl from Africa named Yunya was searching for a pet, but she didn’t have any idea what would be appropriate for her. And she immediately decided after visiting the breeder and seeing a little puppy, who was very friendly and sociable.

The girl considered to call the puppy Tiddy and  was absolutely happy having him. She did all the possible things to keep him happy and healthy. The puppy had gained 52 kg at the age of six months.

The puppy continued to gain weight until he reached 75 kg and when the girl understood her puppy was much more taller and bigger than the other dogs of the same breed she became worried.

He is very active, caring and playful although having a huge size and advanced age.

The puppy got lucky to have such a loving owner. It is a really adorable story.

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