Seeing that the stray catty avoided from them, the couple came up with a great idea to win his heart

Owners had a great surprise for the stray catty

When the couple moved to their new modern house, they provided their adorable cats Lulu and Zaza with a comfortable cat park, where they can have fun and do whatever they want.

Later they spotted that another feline was also interested in their area.

His visits repeated frequently and it captured the owners’ attention. Each day they left some food in the park, hoping that it would make the catty join them, but the shy animal ate all the food and ran away. He avoided from the humans, but they continued to win his heart with cat food.

Finally they came up with a wonderful idea to build a tiny house in the park just for the stray catty. They were sure that the little animal would like it, and they were right…

When he arrived there again the next day, he was so surprised to see his new warm and cosy house, and invited himself inside at once.

They named him Zigzag and welcomed their new member in their family with happiness.

Now the three cats are inseparable and devoted friends, who enjoy to spend all day together. The couple is so happy to have such adorable pets next to them.

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