Instead of staying hidden, the lost dog decided to save himself, and he succeeded

This is how the lost puppy saved his life with his own hands

When two puppies Lillie and Alfie disappeared from their backyard, Kirsty Mitton, the owner, tried hard to find them and asked all her friends and relatives for support.

Alfie has already found, while Lillie is still missing. Alfie had been in a forest 100 miles far from his house, but due to his strong will and bravery, he managed to save himself. Instead of staying hidden in the wood, he rushed to the nearby road in order to gain people’s attention.

When the cutie spotted a van coming towards him, he approached it and began to bark strongly.

He captured the driver’s attention at once. The compassionate man opened the door and let the baby in. He immediately jumped into the vehicle as if he knew the driver for many years.

Fortunately, Alfie was found and reunited with his family due to a microchip scan.

The owner was overjoyed to get her beloved animal back, but Lily still remained missing.

She continues to search for her everywhere, despite the fact that she has already lost her hope of finding her. That’s really heartbreaking!

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