The adventurous dog, who adored going on trips to discover new places

An adorable story of a dog having fun with his new friends

The is a puppy named Bike, who has many hobbies, but mist of all he adores his family. He  considers family and friendship the most important aspects in life.

Last week Bike went out of the house for an expedition for finding new places.

And when the next day his family revealed he was gone they were very worried. They immediately began their search. The next day they received a notice about a dog resembling Bike and in reality he wasn’t alone.

The puppy then was discovered 6 miles from the house and also two odd friends were with him and assisted him in finding the way. Bike befriended with another puppy and a goat. And it’s amazing how they found one another.

The animals were named Ola, the white dog and Robby the goat. And after a little time it became clear, that the animals belonged to their owners. Although many people didn’t believe in the story, but it really occurred.

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