This adorable dog with two noses surprises the whole world with his uniqueness

Having two noses has made this dog famous worldwide

Meet Toby, the cute Australian Shepherd, who had a difficult life, but after being adopted, his life changed at once. His uniqueness became noticeable and due to it he is now quite famous on social media.

A rescue group found him wandering on the streets in Fresno, California. They saved him from being euthanised. Although at that time people criticised his strange appearance thinking that he was sick, now the whole world knows and loves him for it.

Toby has two noses, and that makes him different from the others. He always remains in the centre of attention and it has become an advantage for him.

Todd, a kind man, who came to the shelter to choose a pet, was captured by Toby’s appearance, when he first saw him. He rushed to adopt the sweetie and after a short time he was already in his new house.

At first Todd took him to a vet to be sure that everything was ok with his health. Luckily, the vet informed him that Toby was completely healthy and his two noses couldn’t disturb him to have a full life.

Although many people escape from adopting such strange creatures, in fact they can have better personalities than ordinary ones.

Our Toby is very loyal and loving, too, so his owner is so satisfied to have such an adorable pet and a compassionate friend next to him.

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