Breathtaking photos of a dog swimming with its owner is what you need to see

The best furry swimmer ever!

Meet Coco, a funny and crazy dog, who enjoys to swim in the sea with his beloved owner.

Jessica Barcerra, his human mother, always captures amazing photos of her adorable dog and shares them on social media, attracting thousands of people throughout the world.

The woman adopted this beauty seven years ago. At that time he was just a puppy, but was not interested in swimming. His love towards water arose two years ago. Although he enjoys to stay long in the water, he hates the cold.

At first he was confused when his owner took him into the water, but then figured out how to keep him on the surface of the water. Since then he became a good swimmer and began to enjoy each moment he spends in the water.

He follows his owner everywhere, especially when she is in the water. Swimming in the sea is his favourite occupation, which really makes him relaxed.

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