The smart cat sat next to the sign about his missing, hoping to be easily spotted

It’s the easiest reveal ever!

When Karen Castoldi was walking nearby her house in the evening, she spotted a sign about a lost cat. Luni, the catty, had been missing for four days and her human parents were worried about her. They had been looking for her everywhere, but useless.

The woman never expected that she could find the catty so quickly and easily. She was amazed to see the same cat sitting just next to the sign. She stayed moveless.

Maybe the smart feline had realised that in that way she would be found easily.

Karen was extremely happy to be her rescuer and immediately called special organisations and informed them about the case. After taking the animal, the rescue group managed to find her owners quickly and handed her to them.

The owners were so excited to be reunited with their lovely Luni again. They were grateful to both the woman and the rescue staff for their big support.

Now they are more attentive towards Luni and hope that she will not escape the house again.

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