The sad catty is an internet celebrity for his facial expression and 99 problems

No one can solve the problems of the saddest cat

Meet Oslo, the saddest cat ever, who is quite famous on social media for his amazing facial expression. The cat looks depressed and upset all the time due to the marks on his face. It is really amusing, despite the fact the many people believe that he really has so many problems.

His owner Zeynep opened an Instagram account for him with the name oslogot99problems. With so many problems the catty always looks sad. Unfortunately, no one knows his pain, so all his problems remain unsolved.

At first, his owner also believed that his problems were the main reason for his sad look, but then realised that the markings on his face give him a sad facial expression.

Once when she took Oslo to the vet, she was offered to create an Instagram page for the amazing catty. The woman decided to try and succeeded. After a short time, the little feline collected a great number of followers.

As a result, now Oslo is an internet star and many people are captured by his cute face. Despite having such a sad appearance, the catty is so playful and energetic. He enjoys to make new companions with other cats and people. He is very sociable, loving and faithful.

Oslo follows his owner everywhere she goes and never leaves her alone even for a second.

He feels whether his beloved human is sad or happy. He understands all her feelings and is ready to support her in everything.

Having such an adorable pet is really
nice for the owner and she enjoys to spend much time with him.

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