The stray cat achieved his goal and changed his life thanks to his bold move

The cat knew who to turn to for help, and he succeeded

When Lara returned home from a nice walk with her dog, she spotted a stray kitten sitting on her balcony. The woman was amazed by the cat’s courage, but she was even more surprised when the animal followed her into her house.

Although Lara had no intention of adopting a cat, she couldn’t remain indifferent about the poor creature and let him in because the weather was becoming worse.

She didn’t know anything about the feline: maybe he had owners, who were searching for him. However the woman decided to look after him and it’s the best decision ever.

Lara named him Bines and provided him with food and a comfortable bed. She knew how to behave cats, because she had 27 years old another cat named Tom, who lived with her for many years.

Although Bines got everything he needed, he had some health problems and needed medical assistance.

The owner posted his story on social media, hoping that she would get support for the cat’s treatment, because she didn’t have enough money for it.

The response was not late, and after a short time a shelter volunteer suggested the owner her help and agreed to pay for the cat’s treatment.

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