This adorable corgi is popular for her sweet smile that spreads joy and happiness all around

People can’t get enough of this nice smile

Wally, a seven years old amazing corgi, is an Instagram star with 94.2k followers due to her amusing smile and cute appearance. Everyone both on social media and in real life is attracted by her and enjoys to watch her fantastic photos.

Her beloved owner Marc claims that Wally is everyone’s favourite and when she is present, no one can be sad.

It seems that Wally understands that she is a star and takes interesting poses as if she is a real model. She adores to be in the centre of attention and receive pleasant comments by other people.

Due to her big popularity on Instagram, Wally receives a lot of invitations from many companies to showcase her personality or represent a brand.

Her owner never expected her to become so famous. When he started to post her photos on his Instagram account, many people began to be interested in her and each day they wanted to see more and more photos of her. Finally they opened the dog’s own account and after a short time she collected a great number of followers.

The owners are so proud of their cute dog and besides taking care of her, they support animal shelters as well, giving them food and many necessary items.

When they walk together, many people stop and ask them about her breed or just pet her head. Having such an adorable dog is really pleasant for the owners because they never get bored with her.

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