Adorable relationships between a dog and a cat, that was discovered defenceless

The kitty adored playing games, which are a little dog like

This is a sweet cat named Moses, who made friends with an amusing dog named Collie Molly. They have been together from the first meeting when they were just kids. Their mother told the story about how they first met and how they became inseparable.

A kind family, who had a farm heard an unusual noise coming from their neighbour’s barn and found there Moses. When one of their dogs went there to examine the barn he found the small kitty. The baby needed assistance as she was all alone. The family immediately took the kitty home and gave her all the necessary things. And the kitty was left alone with their dogs when the family went to the city to buy some cat food. And happily they immediately befriended and now can’t be separated. And most of all she adores Collie Molly, with whom she had a special bond. And the kitty takes part in dog like activities. How amazing.

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