The funny puppy got bored on the plane and decided to entertain the passengers

What a crazy puppy!

Meet Higgy, a cute and funny puppy, who loves to entertain people around him. No matter where he is – at home, in outside or somewhere else, he brings much joy and happiness with him.

Once when he was flying with his beloved owner Alice for the first time, he got bored and decided to do something interesting.

He had just sat on the plane, when realised that he wanted to so something interesting with his owner, because he was bored. Everything around him was new, so why to stay next to the owner and spend time only with her?

He found something curious in the man sitting in front of him and hurried to see who he was.

The passenger wasn’t angry about the crazy action of the canine, on the contrary, he was so happy to meet such a friendly dog who made his flight more interesting and unforgettable. He never expected to welcome such a cute face on the plane, but it was really pleasant.

Even they became so close that the puppy didn’t want to leave the man. Alice took some interesting photos of her pet and shared them on social media.

After a short time, they collected many views and nice comments.

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