A kind woman adopted three kitties considering they are indoor kitties

Sweet kitties became the woman’s beloved pets

Once a woman discovered a puppy, that needed assistance. She was with the dog when a kitty came up to her and asked for food. Then the second one joined. And when she went to get food another one came.

The woman told, that she asked neighbours and learned, that these animals had been taken there five months ago.

The woman considered to treat and examine the kitties, but she started to think, that these kitties didn’t belong outside.

So she considered to call her husband and tell him, that they are taking three kitties that evening. The three kitties were excited to be taken to the woman’s house, although she only had one cat carrier.

After stroking them she told, that she was sure, that they were indoor kitties, who were taken outside. And she considered she couldn’t left the kitties there after learning about it.

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