The little catty, who was adopted by the caring couple, had a big surprise for them on the very first day

What an unexpected surprise!

When a kind couple went to a shelter to adopt a cat, the staff offered them three cute kittens that had just arrived. Their names were Arthur, Hercules and Apolo.

After meeting these three beauties, the couple decided to adopt Arthur and after preparing all the documents, they were ready to take the catty home. They put Arthur in a carrier and left the shelter.

When they reached home, opened the carrier and what they discovered in it made them speechless. Arthur was not alone, Heracles was there, too. How? The couple couldn’t understand.

They were sure that the black catty entered in it, while they were carrying Arthur. And because of the darkness of the room and the color of the cat, they did not notice him.

They were very upset that one of the siblings remained far from them, so the couple called the shelter the next day to say that they wanted to adopt the third one, too. But they were informed that Apolo, the third cat, had already been adopted by some kind people.

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